“I am a physiotherapist from a University Hospital in Brasilia, Brazil, and work with patients in the postoperative renal transplantation phase. As I was searching for information and updates on physical therapy interventions for kidney transplant recipients, I contacted Dr.  Tania Janaudis-Ferreira who referred me to the CAN-RESTORE website. On the section for healthcare professionals, I obtained clear and objective information on the key components of a rehabilitation program for patients undergoing various types of transplantation as well as access to various interesting research articles in this field, which were very useful for updating the physiotherapy protocol I use with kidney transplant recipients. I would like to congratulate the CAN-RESTORE team – their website provides useful and practical information that can greatly assist physical therapists working in this area!”


Ana Paula A. de Andrade Cabral, PT

Kidney Transplant Program, University Hospital of Brasilia, Brazil.

"One of the best sources for information on how the transplant has affected my muscles is CAN-RESTORE, the Canadian Network for Rehabilitation and Exercise for Solid OrganTransplant Optimal Recovery. "

John Rost, author of the blog The Primal Transplant



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