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What is the CNTRP?

The Canadian National Transplant Research Program (CNTRP) is a national research community launched in 2013 to enhance the survival and quality of life of Canadians needing transplantation through trans-disciplinary collaborative research. Dr. Lori West at the Alberta Transplant Institute at the University of Alberta in Edmonton is the founding CNTRP Director and Dr. Marie-Josée Hébert at the Université de Montréal is the Co-Director. The CNTRP integrates more than 300 participants (investigators, collaborators, trainees, management staff, patients and citizens) at 29 sites across Canada, creating pivotal cross-sector linkages amongst the solid organ transplant, cellular transplant and donation/critical care research communities. Learn more about the current CNTRP Research Projects and Core platforms.



Bringing new people and ideas into the CNTRP

To bring new investigators, partners, projects, and ideas into the CNTRP, we have established the CNTRP New Initiatives Committee (NIC). The NIC makes recommendations to the CNTRP Executive about new research and funding opportunities, expanding the scope of existing projects or cores, and developing new collaborations and partnerships that will benefit and expand the scope of the CNTRP. The NIC provides support for new investigators to join existing CNTRP programs & cores, and for establishing new collaborations, including letters of support for new project applications seeking external funding.


In its processes, the NIC will adhere to the principles that underpin the CNTRP: to be inclusive, to promote collaboration between the donation, solid organ transplant (SOT) and cell transplant communities, and to strengthen the cross-Canada geographic integration and cross-sector linkages of existing projects and cores through the integration of new initiatives.


Upon successful application, investigators will become CNTRP member.  There are currently 4 categories for academic participants in the CNTRP:


  • Investigator

  • Associate Member

  • Collaborator

  • International Member

A summary of the responsibilities and benefits of each of these roles is available in our Roles and Responsibilities of CNTRP Members document.    


New members will be subject to responsibilities of CNTRP members including active participation in research projects, membership on committees and participation in internal processes such as grant peer-review and training activities.


  DOWNLOAD the “Roles and Responsibilities of CNTRP Members”   


Joining the CNTRP

The NIC will accept and review applications for:

A. Membership applications to join an existing project/core of the CNTRP, or

B. Bringing new research projects and ideas into the CNTRP




A. Membership applications to join an existing project/core of the CNTRP


Independent investigators with an interest in the CNTRP are encouraged to seek a relevant existing project or core of the CNTRP ( and to request to join as a new member, bringing their unique expertise to strengthen the project within the national program.  Joining an existing CNTRP project or core requires:

  • approval and support from the relevant project/core Lead,

  • a clear description of the role of the new member on the project or core and

  • a description of financial commitments from the project/core (if any). 

The new CNTRP member must agree to the roles & responsibilities of CNTRP members and actively participate in the success of the relevant project/core as well as the CNTRP. 


To join an existing CNTRP project or core, interested individuals are advised to contact the relevant Lead directly to discuss their mutual interests and potential involvement.  Additionally, the following form should be completed and sent David Hartell, CNTRP Executive Director (davidhartell [at]; allow 2 weeks for a response). Please ensure the form is reviewed and approved by the appropriate project/core lead prior to submission.


  DOWNLOAD the “Joining the CNTRP” FORM  






B. Bringing new research projects and ideas into the CNTRP



Integrating Established Research Programs into the CNTRP

Independent investigators leading established research programs in the field of donation, SOT or cell transplantation who are currently outside of the CNTRP are encouraged to consider integrating their existing program of research into the CNTRP or to develop collaborations & linkages with the CNTRP’s existing projects or cores. Integrating already funded research programs into the CNTRP offers opportunities to broaden the scope of the research, to take advantage of the CNTRP’s national platforms and resources, and to develop synergistic links with other CNTRP projects and cores. 


Applicants are strongly advised to discuss bringing their program of research into the CNTRP with the Lead for the project or core most impacted by the proposal prior to submission. Applicants are also asked to consider which other CNTRP projects may have a secondary interest in collaboration or to identify potential synergies between their research and other projects or cores. Developing a new collaboration with CNTRP requires inclusion of a current CNTRP researcher as a co-investigator. A list of CNTRP investigators and contact information is available on request from David Hartell, including a description of each core, project and sub-aims for each.


Proposing New Research Ideas into CNTRP and Co-Developing New Grant Applications

Independent investigators or research programs are encouraged to propose new research ideas to be developed in collaboration with the CNTRP and integrated into the CNTRP structure. Working with the CNTRP to co-develop new research ideas offers the opportunity to integrate this idea into an existing project or core (or even create a new project/core) and to embed linkages with other researchers and projects across the CNTRP. 


Developing a new collaboration with CNTRP requires inclusion of a current CNTRP researcher as a co-investigator. It includes integration into an existing CNTRP project or core or the development of a new project. The NIC will assist applicants to establish connections with potential collaborators and to facilitate integration into existing projects.


Upon approval of an idea for integration into the CNTRP, the independent investigator(s) wishing to collaborate with the CNTRP may apply for external peer-reviewed funding including project grants, program and team grants, foundation grants, or career salary awards, with active support from, and endorsement of, the CNTRP.


Independent investigators applying to CIHR foundation grants, salary awards, the Canada Research Chairs program or other similar competitions are welcomed and encouraged to link their personal research program proposals into the structure of the CNTRP and make use of the platforms and resources of the CNTRP.  It must be clear how their personal research program will benefit from collaboration and integration with the CNTRP. 


Grant applications endorsed by the CNTRP for external funding (industry, foundation, provincial or national-level funding) will be developed in collaboration with CNTRP. These applications must be reviewed by collaborating CNTRP investigator(s) and project/core lead who will help by providing the applicant with internal “peer review” of the application. In order to ensure a fair and complete review, such requests must be provided to the collaborating CNTRP investigator at least 2 months in advance of the deadline for submission, and to the NIC 1 month in advance of the deadline for submission.


Requesting letters of support

CNTRP will provide letters of support only in the case of collaboration and only after adequate review of the application.  The CNTRP support letter will include a clear description of the role of CNTRP in the project and the commitments CNTRP will make in support of the research project.


Additional Grant Opportunities

Applicants are also encouraged to consider applying for a CNTRP Research Innovation Grant.  See our current competitions for eligible opportunities.  Applicants do not need to be a CNTRP member at the time of application to apply for these grant opportunities. 


To submit a request to bring a new research idea into the CNTRP or to co-develop a grant application, the following form should be completed and sent to David Hartell, CNTRP Executive Director (davidhartell [at]; allow 2 weeks for a response).


      DOWNLOAD the Application FORM for “Existing Programs and New Ideas”     

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