The CNTRP Training and Career Development Program facilitates the development of competence in donation and transplantation. Mentorship is a key component in the development of technical, clinical, ethical and scientific knowledge and competence needed to fulfill the aims of the CNTRP.  All academic trainees within the CNTRP are required to have a mentorship plan for achieving their personal goals. Mentors will guide trainees during their proposed research training experience in relevant academic, leadership, and research areas. Mentors will enhance the suitability and experience for the proposed work in this training environment (e.g. originality, technical ability, demonstrated skills, judgment, critical skills, etc). Academic trainees are required to clearly describe the rationale behind the selection of the mentorship advisors and how the mentors relate to their career development plan.




Upton Allen - Hospital for Sick Children

Project 5 & 6, Core 2

Transplant-related infections


Ian Alwayn - Dalhousie University

Project 1

Surgery and liver transplantation


Tom Blydt-Hansen - University of British Columbia

Project 4 & 6, Core 2

Pediatric nephrology


Tim Caulfield - University of Alberta

Project 2, Core 1

Health law and policy


Jennifer Chandler - University of Ottawa

Project 2, Core 1

Health law and policy


Sonny Dhanani - CHEO Research Institute

Project 2, Core 3

Organ conation


Amit Garg - University of Western Ontario

Project 2

Living donation


Marie-Josée Hébert - Université de Montréal

Co-Director & Project 3 & 4

Renal transplantation, endothelial apoptosis


Atul Humar - University Health Network

Project 2 & 5

Infectious diseases


Greg Knoll - Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Project 2 & 5, Core 2

Systematic reviews & clinical trials in kidney transplantation




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Silvy Lachance - Université de Montréal

Project 4, Core 3

Stem cell transplant


Megan Levings - University of British Columbia

Project 4, 5 & Core 2

Tolerance and Treg therapy


Seema Mital - Hospital for Sick Children

Project 6

Genomics in transplant patients


Susan Samuel - University of Calgary

Project 6

Paediatric organ transplants


Lisa Robinson - Hospital for Sick Children

Project 1 & 6

Inflammation & renal transplantation


Denis Claude Roy - Université de Montréal

Project 4, 5

Cellular therapy


Kirk Schultz - University of British Columbia

Project 3 & 4, Core 2

Childhood cancer & blood research


James Shapiro - University of Alberta

Project 1 & 3

Clinical islet and liver transplantation


Lee-Anne Tibbles - University of Calgary

Project 5, Core 3

Viral infections and immunology

Donna Wall - SickKids

Project 4, 5

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

Lori West - University of Alberta

Director & Project 3 & 4

Tolerance, Tregs and pediatric heart transplantation

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