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CNTRP Private Research Site

The CNTRP has a private research space that is available to all CNTRP researchers and trainees. The purpose of the private space is to allow CNTRP members to share data, presentations, documents, publications, and minutes either with project and core members or across the entire CNTRP.

On the CNTRP Private Site, you can find:

  • Recorded Webinars

  • CNTRP Patient Consent Form

  • Project and Core Updates

  • CNTRP templates & logos

  • CNTRP Policies

  • Publications & Presentations

To sign up for this private research space, visit http://cancerview.ca/registration and email your user name to David Hartell at davidhartell@cntrp.ca to be added to the site.

To access the private research space, click on the green "Researcher Log-In" link on the top right hand corner of the cntrp.ca website. Contact David Hartell if you have any questions about this private research space.

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