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The Mason lab - as part of Project 5 Aim 3 - is currently addressing the hypothesis that many diseases post-transplant are likely caused by unknown viral pathogens. Accordingly, they have taken a metagenomics approach to discover novel viral agents in transplant patients who develop specific idiopathic disease syndromes. The program has been established using the Illumina next generation sequencing platform with a metagenomics bioinformatic pipeline. The samples targeted for analyses include (1) BAL from patients with pneumonitis of unknown etiology presenting with symptoms compatible with acute pneumonia (negative diagnostic work-up); (2) Plasma from the subset of PTLD patients have no detectable EBV and (3) Plasma from liver transplant recipients with aggressive immune mediated disease recurrence post-transplant (autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis and primary sclerosing cholangitis). The expectation is to identify novel viruses in a proportion of these samples but the studies will not be restricted to solely these three patient groups.

If any CNTRP collaborator has samples from a patient with infectious disease of unknown etiology that they would like to submit for metagenomic analysis, please contact David Hartell (davidhartell@cntrp.ca) and copy Andy Mason (andrew.mason@ualberta.ca)

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