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New CST & CNTRP guidelines calling for greater use of organs from increased risk deceased donors

The CST and the CNTRP have developed new guidelines calling for greater use of organs from increased risk deceased donors. Led by Dr. Atul Humar (shown in picture) and several other CNTRP researchers, these guidelines are published in Transplantation and were featured recently in the Globe and Mail. These guidelines are an important new publication for the CST and the CNTRP and will lead to an increase in the number of transplants in Canada coupled with decreased wait-list times and mortality. This publication was also featured as the “Editor’s Pick” in the journal Transplantation saying that "these guidelines provide a helpful and valuable aid to managing risk of infection transmission and will be used throughout the world".

To promote these guidelines, the CNTRP and the CST are working with every national Organ Procurement Organization (OPO), every transplant centre and several patient groups from across the country to ensure the implementation and uptake of the guidelines.

For questions about these new guidelines, please contact David Hartell, CNTRP Program Manager.

Globe and Mail story:


CNTRP/CST Published Guidelines:


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