• David Hartell

The CCCTG successfully secures funding from CIHR-ICRH

The Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG) successfully received funding from the CIHR Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health to develop an infrastructure to enhance the care delivered to children and adults to achieve better outcomes when their lives hang in the balance. This new funding will allow the CCCTG to build new relationships, identify major needs for innovative research, start to study some of these needs, and provide resources to the research community. The CNTRP is proud to support and partner with the CCCTG to build and expand this highly successful program. In particular, the CCCTG and the CNTRP will work together to develop a collaborative and integrated training platform will allow CCCTG & CNTRP trainees to access new training modules in donation, transplantation and critical care research.

To learn more about this funding announcement, visit the CCCTG Website or read their proposal summary.


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