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Dr. Dan Muruve and Dr. Lori West named Canada Research Chairs

CNTRP members Dr. Lori West, Director of the CNTRP, and Dr. Dan Muruve, Project 3 Co-lead, were named Canada Research Chairs in the recent federal competition.

Dr. Lori West, at the University of Alberta, received a renewal of her Canada Research Chair in Cardiac Transplantation. With this CRC, Dr. West will continue to investigate the immune response to organ transplantation, with a primary focus on transplantation tolerance. A clinical goal of this basic research is to induce immune tolerance during fetal or early neonatal life, in preparation for subsequent heart transplantation. Inducing tolerance to cardiac grafts would eliminate or lessen the need for lifelong immunosuppressive drug therapies.

Dr. Dan Muruve received a renewal of his Canada Research Chair in innate immunity, inflammation and kidney disease. The research program has 2 major goals:

  1. To understand the molecular basis of acute and chronic kidney disease with a major emphasis on how inflammation contributes to disease pathogenesis and progression;

  2. To translate basic scientific knowledge into personalized medicine approaches that include molecular disease classification and targeted therapies for patients with kidney disease.

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