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New CNTRP study on the importance of exercise training for transplant candidates and recipients

Drs Tania Janaudis-Ferreira and Sunita Mathur, Assistant Professors in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto, have joined the CNTRP to lead a new study on the importance of exercise training for solid organ transplant (SOT) candidates and recipients. This new program, funded by the CIHR Institute of Nutrition, Diabetes and Metabolism, will ensure that the physical assessment of patients and the benefits of evidence-based exercise training programs are considered integral components of pre- and post-transplant care, to maximize quality of life in transplant recipients.

In April 2013, Drs. Janaudis-Ferreira and Mathur held a two-day meeting with researchers, clinicians, administrators and patient representatives from across the country to discuss research gaps in the area of exercise training and rehabilitation for SOT candidates and recipients, identify important research questions and create a knowledge translation plan. The outcomes of this meeting were consensus-based recommendations for research goals in exercise and rehabilitation for SOT recipients, with the first priority being to develop a strategy for “dissemination of best available evidence for exercise in SOT to healthcare professionals, healthcare administrators, patients & families and advocacy groups” to inform clinical practice and advance the research agenda. As a new component of the CNTRP, this study will:

  1. disseminate the evidence supporting exercise training in SOT to exercise professionals, allied health professionals, physicians and directors of transplant programs and enhance their ability to apply the evidence in their practice;

  2. provide information, through the cntrp.ca website, to patients, their families and client-centered advocacy groups to motivate patient engagement in exercise programs and to advocate for access to rehabilitation services at their transplant centres; and

  3. build a community of exercise professionals and researchers across Canada.

Over the coming year, Drs. Janaudis-Ferreira and Mathur will engage in pre-visit site preparation and on-site interactive presentations to the largest multi-organ transplant centers in Canada, develop web-based resources on cntrp.ca, and produce patient-directed webinars in partnership with the CNTRP Training Program.

We encourage all CNTRP members to contact Dr Janaudis-Ferreira (taniajanaudis.ferreira@westpark.org) and Dr Mathur (sunita.mathur@utoronto.ca) to learn more about this exciting new study.

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