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Innovative approach for transplanting islets under the skin offers less risk to patients: new resear

Dr. James Shapiro, CNTRP Project 1 lead and one of the world's leading experts in islet cell transplant, recently published a study describing a new technique for transplanting islets under the skin, which will offer less risk and far greater health benefits for patients. The study was co-authored by CNTRP Trainee Dr. Andrew Pepper, as well as fellow CNTRP Trainee Dr. Boris Gala-Lopez, and published in the April 20 edition of the journal Nature Biotechnology.

This new technique, based on the Edmonton Protocol to treat Type 1 diabetes, enables transplanted cells to function reliably when placed beneath the skin allowing the team to successfully and reliably reverse diabetes in preclinical models. This new approach is especially exciting as it opens up a world of opportunities, not only in diabetes, but also across the board in regenerative medicine. READ MORE

See the FULL Nature Biotechnology Publication

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