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Understanding organ donation in Canada - media article

Several CNTRP researchers, including Dr. Lori West, Director of the CNTRP, Dr. Sonny Dhanani, Project 2 Investigator, Dr. Atul Humar, Project 5 Lead and David Hartell, CNTRP Manager, discuss the successes, challenges and reality of organ donation in Canada in a recent media article published in Canadian Health and Lifestyle's Spring 2015 issue. The article, writen by Jackie Middleton, covers the surprising truth about organ donation in Canada and is available here as a PDF or on Next Issue.

The following are quotes from the article:

"When an organ is brought in for transplantation, it’s an amazing, dramatic miracle of modern medicine. The reality of moving transplants forward also includes dealing with terrible stresses and uncertainties, not to mention managing the many long-term complications of life with a transplant." - Dr. Lori West

“We’re worried in Canada about asking people to donate, while in other countries the culture is

such that they get upset when they don’t get asked to donate. We need to change that through better public policies, media coverage and public awareness.” - Dr. Sonny Dhanani

“Over the next 10 years we may be able to decrease, or even eliminate, the need for immunosuppressive drugs. More importantly, we’ll find a way to make transplanted organs last longer — hopefully for life.” - Dr. Atul Humar

"Removing the stigma around death makes it easier for people to make end-of-life decisions about donation. We need to make this discussion part of our everyday culture.” - Kimberly Young, Director of Donation at Canadian Blood Services (CBS)

“In an effort to address Canada’s organ shortage, we can make better use of the ones that are offered. Recipients get healthier organs and their recovery is easier" - David Hartell

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