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New funding opportunities for glycomic & transplant research

The Canadian Glycomics Network (GlycoNet) is a Network of Centres of Excellence that focuses on the role of glycans (carbohydrates) in health, and is one of CNTRP's research partners. Areas of focus in the network are therapeutic proteins & vaccines, antimicrobials and chronic disease, in particular diabetes & obesity, genetic diseases involving errors in glycan metabolism, and cancer.

GlycoNet is currently seeking proposals for two available grants.

Catalyst Grant (deadline: August 16, 2015) – In this Request for Proposals, GlycoNet is seeking to fund exploratory projects the successful completion of which would provide preliminary data to support other funding applications either to GlycoNet, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research or a private disease-specific foundation. LEARN MORE

Translation Grant (deadline: September 13, 2015) – A key goal of GlycoNet is the translation of research advances into novel products for treating disease. Accordingly this Request for Proposals seeks to fund more mature projects needing Network support to de-risk and advance them to a state at which translation is possible. This RFP has two stages, Phase I and Phase II. Projects can apply for either Phase I or Phase II funding. Those funded at Phase I can subsequently apply for Phase II after successful completion. LEARN MORE

Additional information about GlycoNet can be found at www.glyconet.ca.

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