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Congratulations to Dr. Esmé Dijke and Romy Hoeppli on receiving the International Basic Science Ment

During the recent Transplantation Science Symposium meeting in Lorne, Australia, CNTRP Trainees Romy Hoeppli and Dr. Esmé Dijke (with their respective supervisors Dr. Megan Levings and Dr. Lori West) received the International Basic Science Mentee and Mentor Award from the Canadian Society of Transplantation and The Transplantation Society. Congratulations to both for their well deserved recognition.

(in the picture from left to right: Dr. Lori West, Dr. Esmé Dijke, Dr. Philip O'Connell - President of the TTS, Dr. Megan Levings, Romy Hoeppli)

Romy Hoeppli's abstract:

Tailoring Homing Capacity of Thymic Regulatory T Cells by Expansion in Cytokine-enriched Culture Conditions

Esmé Dijke's abstract:

Potent suppression of allogeneic and xenogeneic immunity by cryopreserved regulatory T cells (Tregs) isolated and expanded from human thymus

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