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Next CNTRP Webinar: Economic research in the field of donation and transplantation - Dr. Scott Klare

As part of the CNTRP Core 3 Training Program, we have scheduled a series of training webinars that are open to all CNTRP members to attend and learn from their colleagues.

The next CNTRP training webinar is:

“Economic research in the field of donation and transplantation"

Dr. Scott Klarenbach - Co-Lead, CNTRP Core 1

Monday, January 25 - 1pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET / 5pm AT

For information on joining these webinars, please contact David Hartell at davidhartell [at] cntrp.ca


The following training webinars are available on the private CNTRP Research Site

Patient Engagement Research - Marie-Chantal Fortin and Hélène Campbell - Core 1

Showcasing our new CNTRP Patient Database and Virtual Biorepository - Kristjan Paulson, Kirk Schultz, Peter Subrt, Core 2

Experiences as a Donation Support Physician: Dead or Not Dead? - Dr. Sonny Dhanani - Project 2 Researcher and Core 3 Co-Lead

Clinical change on the wings of science - the saga of the first ABO incompatible heart transplant - Dr. Lori West - Director, CNTRP

ABO antigens - The intersection between transplantation and glycomics - Dr. Todd Lowary and Dr. Lori West – Project 4 Researchers and CNTRP Director

Evolution of Deceased Donation Research, Practice and Policy in Canada - Dr. Sam Shemie - Project 2 Co-Lead

Exercise Rehabilitation Therapy in Solid Organ Transplant Patients - Dr. Sunita Mathur - Project 7 Researcher

Surgical Improvements in Kidney Transplantation - Dr. Ian Alwayn - Project 1 Researcher

Organs, Tissues and Ethical Issues - Linda Wright - Project 2 Co-Lead

Living Kidney Donation - Dr. Amit Garg - Project 2 member

Is necroptosis the missing link to graft rejection? - Dr. Zhu-Xu Zhang - Project 3 Researcher

Consent, Incentives and Transplantation in Canada: What Does the Law Say? - Prof Tim Caulfield - Core 1 Lead

Transplantation Tolerance - Dr. Megan Levings - Project 4 Co-Lead

Cell Therapy Research: Exciting opportunities across Canada - Depletion of Alloreactive T cells - Dr. Denis Claude Roy - Project 4 Co-Lead

Indications and Outcomes of Clinical Islet Transplantation, and Future Plans for Stem Cell Transplantation in Type 1 Diabetes - Dr. James Shapiro - Project 1 Lead

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