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The CNTRP CARE Trial is open and the 1st subject is enrolled!

The CNTRP CARE Trial officially opened in December 2015 in Montreal and Hamilton and has enrolled its first patient in Hamilton at the beginning of March.

The CNTRP CARE Trial’s primary objective is to evaluate the clinical efficacy of Continuous Alloreactive T Cell depletion and Regulatory T cell Expansion in steroid-refractory or dependent Chronic Graft vs Host Disease (cGVHD). The study is led by Project 4 members Drs. Denis-Claude Roy, Imran Ahmad, and Janetta Bijl and supported by the CNTRP Core 2 Clinical Trials team. The trial is currently recruiting patients in Montreal and Hamilton and the Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto sites have ethics approval and are awaiting contract finalization. Ottawa is currently pending both.

The CARE Trial uses continuous alloreactive T cell depletion and regulatory T cell expansion to provide improved clinical response and induction of tolerance in patients with steroid refractory /intolerant cGvHD without excessive toxicity, as measured by failure-free survival (FFS).

Congratulations to Ronan Foley, Amiee Hill and the rest of the staff in Hamilton for recruiting the first patient. Let's continue on this positive note into the spring and summer, with more recruitment from all sites.

For more information about the CARE Trial, please contact Daphne Brockington, the CARE Trial Coordinator.

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