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Next CNTRP Webinar: Metagenomic Approaches to Virus Discovery in Transplant Recipients with Idiopath

As part of the CNTRP Core 3 Training Program, we have scheduled a series of training webinars that are open to all CNTRP members to attend and learn from their colleagues.

The next CNTRP training webinar is:

“Metagenomic Approaches to Virus Discovery in Transplant Recipients with Idiopathic Disease"

Dr. Andrew Mason - Professor of Medicine and Director of the Applied Genomic Core at the University of Alberta. CNTRP Project 5 Researcher

Monday, April 4 - 1pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET / 5pm AT

Transplant recipients on immunosuppressive therapy have an increased risk of infection and may develop idiopathic syndromes of unknown etiology. As a proportion of these disorders may be related to viral infection, we have developed a program to investigate the possibility with view to discovering new (or known) viruses in patients’ samples. With the advent of next generation sequencing (NGS) with increased depth of sequencing at a reduced cost, many labs have taken a metagenomic approach for virus discovery. In this webinar, we will discuss the applicability of using NGS to discover novel viral agents, assess changes in the microbiome and investigate idiopathic transplant syndromes. We will also discuss the utility and difficulties of using metagenomic approaches to viral discovery.

Our lab has a specific interest in detecting etiologic agents in patients developing recurrent disease following liver transplantation related to autoimmune liver disease. We are also interested in studying samples from transplant recipients with non-EBV related PTLD, pneumonitis of unknown origin and other idiopathic infectious processes. These studies are being pursued in order to establish a potential etiology of disease with a view to constructing novel diagnostics and finding new therapeutic avenues.

For information on joining this webinars, please contact David Hartell at davidhartell [at] cntrp.ca


  • April 11 – Sabine Ivison – Immune Monitoring

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