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Watch the full VITAL BONDS: a transplant documentary - now available ONLINE

The hour long transplantation and donation documentary VITAL BONDS is now available to watch ONLINE on the CBC Nature of Things website.

Vital Bonds is directed by Niobe Thompson and produced by Rosie Dransfeld, in partnership with the National Film Board. This documentary, filmed at the University of Alberta Hospital, brings never-before-filmed stories of organ donation to Canadian audiences.

This fascinating documentary illustrates the evolving science of transplants, where breakthrough discoveries are tackling the organ shortage and transforming the future of medicine. VITAL BONDS brings the audience into Canada’s busiest transplant center. With unprecedented access to surgeries and intensive care units, we encounter the realities of life, death, and the movement of human organs between donor and patient with unflinching authenticity. This includes an unbelievably powerful fly-on-the-wall sequence with a family in the process of losing their beloved 28-year old son, and making the decision to donate. Interwoven with emotionally raw personal narratives, we witness surgeons and scientists pushing the boundaries of the medically possible. While saving lives today, these techniques also offer the promise of solving the organ shortage and ending organ rejection tomorrow.. VITAL BONDS was produced for CBC’s “Nature of Things” with David Suzuki, it includes many of the elements and people from the full length film “Memento Mori”, with narration and a increased focus on the science of transplantation.

We strongly encourage everyone to watch the broadcast and help spread the news. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/TransplantDocs/

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