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Call for Nominations - 2017 KFOC Medal for Research Excellence

The CNTRP is reaching out to our community to see if we can nominate individuals for the 2017 Kidney Foundation of Canada Medal for Research Excellence. This important award emphasizes the high value placed on research by The Kidney Foundation of Canada and is presented to a Canadian resident who is recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in kidney-related research. If you have suggestions for who the CNTRP should nominate for this award and you would like to help with the nomination process, please contact David Hartell, Executive Director of the CNTRP. In nominating a candidate for this award, we will need to adhere to the nomination form's criteria and describe, with specific examples, the individual's achievements. We will also need a copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae.

Nominations must be received by Monday, February 06, 2017 at 8 p.m. EST to be eligible for the 2017 medal. All information submitted will be kept confidential. Please note that the nominees do not have to be affiliated with or supported by The Kidney Foundation of Canada, as the award is based solely on research excellence.

Previous recipients of the Medal for Research Excellence include: 2016 Recipient: Dr. Marie-Josée Hébert 2015 Recipient: Dr. David Rush 2014 Recipient: Dr. Adeera Levin 2013 Recipient: Dr. Marcello Tonelli 2012 Recipient: Dr. William Clark 2011 Recipient: Dr. Norman Rosenblum 2010 Recipient: Dr. Kevin Burns 2009 Recipient: Dr. Susan Quaggin 2008 Recipient: Dr. Paul Goodyer 2007 Recipient: Dr. Catharine Whiteside 2006 Recipient: Dr. Robert Lindsay 2005 Recipient: Dr. Anthony Jevnikar 2004 Recipient: Dr. Daniel Cattran 2003 Recipient: Dr. Harald Sonnenberg 2002 Recipient: Dr. Patrick Parfrey 2001 Recipient: Dr. Philip Marsden 2000 Recipient: Dr. Philip Halloran 1999 Recipient: Dr. Mitchell Halperin 1998 Recipient: Dr. Daniel Bichet 1997 Recipient: Dr. Andrew Lazarovits 1996 Recipient: Dr. David Levine

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