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Media coverage of the presumed consent debate - CNTRP members participating in important discussions

Several CNTRP members have recently participated in discussions and shared their views on presumed consent for organ donation following the strengthening of the laws in France. This is an important and timely discussion in Canada with several provinces considering making the change to an opt-out model of consent for organ donation (Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia).

Take a moment and listen to recent discussions by CNTRP members on this topic.

Drafting policies to increase organ donations is complex but must be done, say experts

CBC The Current - January 6, 2017

Dr. Sam Shemie, Prof Jennifer Chandler and Linda Wright - all CNTRP Project 2 researchers

Only 8% of Albertans are organ donors (interview starts at 2:28)

The Ryan Jespersen Show - January 13, 2017

Dr. Lori West and David Hartell - CNTRP Executive

Structural issues at the core of Alberta’s low rate of organ donation - interview with Dr. Lori West

In the interview, Dr. West describes why its a complicated process to improve the donation system in the province. READ the full article to learn more.

It takes more than laws to boost organ donations Opinion by ANDRÉ PICARD

Globe and Mail - January 17, 2017

Read André Picard's excellent overview of the challenges of increasing organ donation in Canada and why Opt Out may not be the magic solution to address our organ shortage.

"the fact remains that the “conversion rate” in Canada – the number of potential donors versus the number of actual donors – is only 20 per cent. In a country such as Spain, it’s twice that – again, not because donation is mandatory, but because they make identifying donors and harvesting organs a priority."

READ the full article

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