• David Hartell

Understanding Opt-Out or Presumed Consent - what are the challenges and how would it work in Canada?

The CNTRP Ethics, Economic, Legal and Social team recently published a new Fast Fact on Opt-Out Consent, or Presumed Consent, for deceased organ donation. With the increased public, political and media interest in exploring an opt-out donation system in Canada, we decided it was important to collect all the facts about this alternative system. This Fast Fact briefly explains the framework and implications of opt-out consent for deceased organ donation, describes the social and legal challenges with adopting an opt-out consent model in Canada and raises important questions to consider.

The CNTRP has produced several Fast Facts on topics relevant to donation and transplantation to help break down the issues, facts and challenges for these complex topics:

  • Public Solicitation - what are the legal and social issues with making a public appeal to find a donor

  • Living Donation - how can you become a living donor and what are the issues and challenges that donors face

  • Consent to donate - how do you consent to donate and how does that change from province to province?

  • Incentives - can we provide any incentives to encourage people to donate and what does the law say?

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