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Comprendre les enjeux liés au don d’organes après l’aide médicale à mourir- Nouveaux articles et pré

Des chercheures du Core 1 du PNRTC ont récemment discuté des enjeux et des implications de la nouvelle possibilité de faire un don d’organes suite à l’aide médicale à mourir. Vous trouverez plus bas des liens pour les plus récents articles et entrevues dans lesquels ont participé les chercheures de PNRTC, Dre Marie-Chantal Fortin, Prof Jennifer Chandler et Julie Allard, une Stagiaire du PNRTC.

Écoutez Dre. Marie-Chantal Fortin discuter des enjeux éthiques entourant le don d'organe suivant l'aide médicale à mourir. Montreal's 98.5fm Puisqu'il faut se lever with host Paul Arcand

Dre. Marie-Chantal Fortin discute aussi des défis éthiques du don d'organe suite à l'aide médicale à mourir dans le cadre du système de santé québécois dans cet article récent du Devoir. READ the full article here.

In a recent article in the online journal Impact Ethics, Prof Jennifer Chandler describes the legal, social, ethical, and policy challenges surrounding organ donation following medical assistance in dying (MAID). Prof Chandler is the CNTRP Core 1 co-lead and Bertram Loeb Research Chair and Professor, Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa.

READ the FULL ARTICLE on Impact Ethics

This topic was also recently discussed in an article in the National Post, with commentary from CNTRP members Prof Jennifer Chandler, Dr. Marie-Chantal Fortin and CNTRP Trainee Julie Allard.

“I think it’s really important we keep the public’s trust, in all of this,” Dr. Marie-Chantal Fortin said in the article. “We have to be transparent. And it has to be clear that the [decision to donate and the decision to proceed with medical assistance in dying] must be kept separate, that there is no pressure to go for MAID to procure organs.”

“One wonders if perhaps [the decision to participate in donation] might create pressure to continue with the MAID,” Prof Jennifer Chandler said in the article. “It would be very important in these scenarios to make it very clear to people that they can change their mind at any time — that someone shouldn’t stick with MAID just because they feel an obligation, having set the process in motion.”

READ the full article on the National Post.

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