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Director's Message: providing CNTRP support for your upcoming grant applications

As many of your are busy preparing your spring grant applications (CIHR Project & Foundation Grants, Kidney Foundation, HSF, Genome Canada, NIH, Provincial funding agencies), we encourage you to submit your application as a new study within the CNTRP and remind you to include the CNTRP as a resource, partner and/or Knowledge User in your applications.

Over the past year, the CNTRP supported several of our researchers with their grant applications, and together we secured over $6 million in new funding.

The CNTRP is designed as a research platform that offers our researchers the following resources:

  • peer review to help strengthen applications

  • facilitated access to new collaborations

  • assistance with the dissemination and translation of knowledge

  • access to our Patient-Research Partnership Platform (Core 4)

  • support for multicentre clinical trials (Core 2)

  • access to national training platform (Core 3)

  • a standardized immune monitoring platform (Core 2)

  • access to virtual biorepository system and biomarker testing (Core 2)

  • an operational Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) for your clinical trials (Core 2)

  • Health Canada regulatory support (Core 2)

  • integration of ethics, economics, legal and social science research (Core 1)

The CNTRP encourages you to consider integrating your new research ideas into the CNTRP and we will work with you, through our Projects, Cores and New Initiatives Committee, to determine how best to support your application.

To request a support letter from the CNTRP and to discuss integration, your first step would be to discuss your project idea with one of the Leads of the CNTRP Projects or Cores (www.cntrp.ca/research) or to contact David Hartell. The second step would be to complete the application form to outline the support and collaboration you are seeking from the CNTRP. Please allow at least 2 weeks to produce a support letter from the time of your initial request.

Good luck with your applications and do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your research ideas.

Dr. Lori West

CNTRP Director

University of Alberta

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