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Calling for tighter regulations on marketing of unproven stem cell–based interventions

CNTRP Core 1 lead Prof Timothy Caulfield and Amy Zarzeczny, CNTRP Core 1 Investigator, are part of an international team of experts calling on creating enforceable regulations to end the commercial promotion of unsupported therapeutic uses of stem cells.

READ the full article in Science Translational Medicine.

This international group of leading experts calls for tighter regulation of so-called stem cell tourism, where patients are traveling to other countries, where medical regulations are less strict, for treatment with potentially unsafe therapies.

The team say that these practices risks undermining the development of rigorously tested, validated therapies and puts lives at risk. In their article in the journal Science Translational Medicine, the group has called for coordinated global action to tackle the problem. They say tighter regulations on advertising stem cell therapies are needed, so that unsupported claims about potential clinical benefits do not go unchallenged.

This paper received coverage in several media outlets and you can read the stories here:






Abstract from the article

Commercial promotion of unsupported therapeutic uses of stem cells is a global problem that has proven resistant to regulatory efforts. Here, we suggest a coordinated approach at the national and international levels focused on engagement, harmonization, and enforcement to reduce the risks associated with direct-to-consumer marketing of unproven stem cell treatments.

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