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WATCH Episode 6 NOW: A User's Guide to Cheating Death: SCIENCEPLOITATION with Prof Tim Caulfield

Health law expert, author, CNTRP Core 1 Lead and debunker-extraordinaire Prof. Timothy Caulfield hosts “A User’s Guide to Cheating Death”, a new documentary series that casts light on increasingly controversial procedures, diets and revived ancient therapies that are being sought by people desperate to dramatically alter their bodies or radically improve their health, and the booming industries that are more than happy to accept their business. Prof Caulfield dives deep into the science, and the social issues behind today’s cutting edge health trends in order to separate the truly good advice from the excess of high-priced placebos.

In the sixth and final episode of Season 1, Prof Caulfield focuses on SCIENCEPLOITATION.

This episode also features CNTRP Investigators Drs. Lori West and Sonny Dhanani who discuss the challenges of aging and the spin around science to cure aging.

For those suffering from a chronic illness or degenerative disease, our rapidly evolving world is offering more promise for a cure than ever before. But with such a great volume of treatment options and so much conflicting information available, it’s also becoming more difficult for those suffering to make critical treatment decisions. People are wasting thousands of dollars, and worse, wasting time. From cryotherapy to stem cells that regenerate a human heart, “A User’s Guide to Cheating Death” explores the evidence behind cutting edge disease management research, new breakthroughs and untested procedures while meeting the real patients who swear by them, and how the media is exploiting genuine excitement.

You can learn more about the series and watch the episodes here: http://www.visiontv.ca/videos/users-guide-cheating-death-scienceploitation/

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