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Drs. Hébert, Dieudé and their team were named "Scientific Personality of the Year" for 201

On December 31, 2017, Drs. Marie-Josée Hébert and Mélanie Dieudé, and their entire research team at the CRCHUM, were recognized as "Scientific Personalities of the Year" in La Presse, Canada's largest french language daily newspaper.

This important honour recognizes the team's discovery of a key process causing organ rejection in transplant patients. They discovered that the transplanted organs we use to replace a patient's damaged organ, say a heart, kidney, liver or lungs, produce 'distress signals' even if they are considered healthy and functioning well. These 'distress signals' - known as membrane vesicle cell structures - are transmitted from the new organ within the recipient's body and trigger the immune system to cause previously unexplained rejections. The team also identified that a common transplant drug, Bortezomib, is capable of preventing this type of rejection. This groundbreaking research could one day revolutionize transplant practice and we will continue to explore this discovery within the CNTRP.

The CNTRP is very proud of Drs Hébert and Dieudé on being named aptly named the "Scientific Personalities of the Year" for 2017.

These discoveries were recently published in the following article in Science Translational Medicine and you can read more about the "Scientific Personalities of the Year" in the Montreal newspaper La Presse.

Dieudé M, Bell C, Turgeon J, Beillevaire D, Pomerleau L, Yang, B, Hamelin K, Qi S, Pallet N, Béland C, Dhahri W, Cailhier JF, Rousseau M, Duchez AC, Lévesque T, Lau A, Rondeau C, Gingras D, Muruve D, Rivard A, Cardinal H, Perreault C, Desjardins M, Boilard E, Thibault P, Hébert MJ. The 20S proteasome core, active within apoptotic exosome-like vesicles, induces autoantibody production and accelerates rejection. Sci Transl Med. Dec 16;7(318):318ra200, 2015


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