• David Hartell

Exploring new frontiers in virology - looking for PTLD samples

Dr. Andy Mason and his team at the UofA - as part of CNTRP Project 5 - are currently addressing the hypothesis that many diseases post-transplant are likely caused by unknown viral pathogens. Accordingly, they have taken a metagenomics approach to discover novel viral agents in transplant patients who develop specific idiopathic disease syndromes. The program has been established using the Illumina next generation sequencing platform with a metagenomics bioinformatic pipeline.

In order to advance this research, we need your PTLD samples (both EBV + or -). We are specifically interested in serum from non-EBV PTLD samples that you are willing to share.

If any CNTRP collaborator has PTLD patient samples that they would like to submit for metagenomic analysis, please contact David Hartell (davidhartell@cntrp.ca) and copy Andy Mason (am16@ualberta.ca)

We need your help and your samples to complete this important research.

Additional Information:

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