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Searching for collaborators on a new article examining the challenges of organ allocation

We are looking for collaborators to help produce an article on the challenges of organ allocation in Canada. Dr. Marie-Chantal Fortin, CNTRP Investigator and Clinician-Scientist at the CHUM, is leading the editorial team for an experimental publication project from the American Journal of Transplantation called the C4 Article: Crowdsourced, Collaborative, Controversial, and Current.

The C4 Article is a new way of creating a manuscript for publication. Inspired by Wikipedia, this experiment allows contributors to log into a living manuscript and add their thoughts on the topic – in this case, organ allocation. We hope to see a dialogue between contributors and editors exploring all angles of the organ allocation debate.

We encourage all members of our CNTRP community, including trainees, patient partners, investigators, to contribute to this process if you are interested in the topic. If you’d like to contribute, or find out more information, please go to www.amjtransplant.com/C4. The page is live and will be open until the end of June.

We are very excited about this new venture from AJT and encourage you to be part of an experiment in publication.

For additional questions, please contact Dr. Marie-Chantal Fortin.

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