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Netflix is now streaming Timothy Caulfield's medical series "A User’s Guide to Cheating Dea

Netflix will stream Season 1 and Season 2 of Timothy Caulfield's medical-themed docuseries that uses science to unpick the latest trendy health practices endorsed by celebrities.

From September 28, Netflix in North America will begin streaming the first season of A User’s Guide to Cheating Death, produced by Canadian outfit Peacock Alley Entertainment. It will then begin airing season two from October 19.

Episode 6 from Season 1 features CNTRP's very own Dr. Lori West and Dr. Sonny Dhanani.

The series follows health expert and author UofA Professor Timothy Caulfield, CNTRP Lead of our Ethics, Economics, Legal and Social Platform, as he explores diets, ancient therapies and anti-ageing products such as laser fillers, vaginal steaming and holistic medicine to see if they work or whether these practices could be detrimental to health.

Season one covers everything from the current trend of detoxification cleansing to direct-to-consumer genetic testing, while season two will delve deeper to examine sex and relationships, ‘body hacking,’ germs and spiritual science.

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