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Changing the N to a D - the Canadian Donation and Transplantation Research Program

With the recent announcement of Federal Governments' renewal of our national research network for an additional 3 years, with funding from CIHR and partners, we are taking this opportunity to revise and update the official name of the network. We are replacing the N in the "Canadian National Transplant Research Program - CNTRP" with a D to become the "Canadian Donation and Transplantation Research Program - CDTRP". En français, on devains le << Programme de recherche en don et transplantation du Canada - PRDTC >>.

This change captures the importance and equal weight of the stem cell, organ and tissue donation communities with the hematopoietic cell transplant and solid organ transplant community within the national network, together with patients and families.

This change also coincides with our shift towards our One-Transplant-For-Life vision, which is to fulfill every donation opportunity and turn transplantation into a cure. As announced at the recent Canadian Transplant Summit, this also means revising the original structure of the Projects and Cores to focus on 5 research Themes and 4 Platforms.

These 5 new research Themes are:

  1. Create a culture of donation

  2. Inform universal practices for donation

  3. Engineer and allocate a better graft

  4. Tailor an optimal immune system for each patient

  5. Restore long-term health

The 4 Platforms are:

  1. Research Services Platform

  2. Data Innovations Platform

  3. Education and Career Development Platform

  4. Patient Researcher Partnership Platform

We will be setting up Theme calls and launching the Platforms in the coming weeks and will be sharing profiles on each of these new Themes with the community over various platforms and with partners.

We are excited about this new direction and the new name - it captures and reflects the true spirit of the network and direction we want to pursue.

To use the new logo in your presentations and in future communications, here are the revised logos for the Canadian Donation and Transplantation Research Program (CDTRP):



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