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Next week - engaging plenary looking at the "Threats to the Concept of Brain Death" at the

We encourage all our community to consider attending the Canadian Critical Care Forum in Toronto from Nov 7-8, 2018. There will be a full focused session on Deceased Donation (developed in partnership with CBS, TGLN and the CDTRP) and a special plenary session focused on the "Threats to the Concept of Brain Death".

To register, visit https://criticalcarecanada.com/registration/


Death is usually considered to be a straightforward ‘determination’; indeed most jurisdictions define death - simply - in accordance with accepted medical practice predicated on the irreversible cessation of brain function based on clinical evaluation.

It is 50 years since the Harvard Criteria defined brain death, and since then the majority of intensive care physicians have considered this to be a reliable determination which can be communicated with certainty, and can lead to withdrawal of somatic support and in some occasions, to organ donation. However, not everyone agrees that patients who fulfill criteria for brain death are actually dead, and in several cases the issue has been contested in the courts.

In this plenary session, experts in medical, legal and ethical aspects of brain death debate the validity of the concept of brain death.

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