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Introducing our two new CDTRP Theme Managers

We are very pleased to introduce the two newest members of our CDTRP Central Management Team - Chelsea Patriquin and Leanne Stalker. Both Chelsea and Leanne recently joined the CDTRP as full-time managers who will provide leadership and coordination to our 5 research Themes and our Education and Career Development Platform. We encourage you to reach out and connect with Chelsea or Leanne to let them know about your research and to see how we can use the strength of the national program to build collaborations and improve donation and transplantation research.

Chelsea Patriquin is the new CDTRP Theme 1, Theme 2 and Academic Training Manager. Chelsea comes to the CDTRP with over three years of experience working with international transplantation, where she was formerly the Committees Coordinator at The Transplantation Society. Prior to TTS, Chelsea spent most of her life in Brazil working for tourism development and global hospitality investment with social impact, managing hundreds of executive accounts and over 200 corporate events. Chelsea specialized in Marketing from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, is (almost) fluent in four languages and serves as a member of the executive board of FindBrazil, a non-profit agency. Chelsea is based out of Montreal, is a lifelong learner, major cinephile and a professed comic book nerd. She shares her life with her husband and son.

Dr. Leanne Stalker is the new CDTRP Theme 3, Theme 4 and Theme 5 Manager. Leanne has a degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from the University of Guelph, and a PhD in Biochemistry and Biomedical Science from McMaster University. She is a professional research scientist with a varied background in stem cells, epigenetics, reproductive biotechnologies and a wide variety of biomedical platforms and currently holds an adjunct faculty position in the department of Biomedical Science at the University of Guelph. Leanne comes to the CDTRP with 6 years of laboratory management background, proficiency acting as a facilitator between both academic and industry facing collaborations including multi-stakeholder and international projects, and extensive grant writing and project design experience. Leanne is based out of Guelph and she has a long standing interest in programs that integrate research science, clinical development and patient-facing programs and is looking forward to being involved in providing the support needed to grow the CDTRP to its full potential.


Chelsea and Leanne join a robust CDTRP central management team who are dedicated to advancing the goals of the national network. Do not hesitate to reach out to any of us to help you build collaborations, advance new projects and involve yourself in the national program.


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