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How can we help support your upcoming CIHR grant applications?

Spring CIHR and CDTRP innovation grant deadlines are fast approaching. We would like to reach out to our membership now for any potential grant proposals, so that the CDTRP management, and CDTRP theme members, can help to review/provide guidance and allocate resources to your research. The time is now!

The CDTRP can help you to build and add to your grant proposals and increase your chances of funding support by providing infrastructure bonuses such as economic and ethics assessments, letters of support, and networking to others in your field.

We would like to provide a forum for members to discuss their applications and request assistance/discussion. We are also able to form internal review committees to help you pre evaluate your proposals.

In order to benefit from this, please contact Leanne or Chelsea with any research proposals or questions. These can be re-applications, project continuations, fully flushed out, or novel projects. A short summary of the project proposal or idea will help us to set up appropriate meetings/support networks for each project, and depending on the number of requests, targeted meetings for discussion can be arranged.

Projects can be submitted directly for CDTRP management support, or can be discussed within Theme membership, at researcher request.

Please remember You do NOT need to be a CDTRP member to apply for Innovation Grant funding, and this is a great way to bring new researchers into the program, so please forward this information to your colleagues.

Several webinars are planned to discuss support requests on the following dates/times:

Wednesday December 11th -12pm PT/ 1pm MT/ 3pm ET/ 4pm AT

Tuesday December 17th – 9am PT/ 10am MT/ 12pm ET/ 1pm AT

Thursday January 16th- 11am PT/ 12pm MT/ 2pm ET/ 3pm AT

Friday February 7th- 11am PT/ 12pm MT/ 2pm ET/ 3pm AT

Please take a minute to review our CDTRP SUPPORT REQUEST form on our website, and the dates below, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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