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NOW OPEN - The Canadian Liver Foundation 2020 Research Grant Competition

The Canadian Liver Foundation is proud to support researchers across Canada; scientists who have made liver research a priority in their labs and clinics. In order to support new advances and breakthroughs, the CLF funds the research of senior researchers, new investigators, and medical students through our research grant programs and partnership projects. They currently offer three categories of grants:

  • Operating Grants provide funding of up to $60,000 per year for a maximum of two years to hepatobiliary research investigators to pursue major research projects. As the CLF’s most senior award, it is offered to investigators with primary interest in hepatobiliary research who hold academic appointments in Canadian universities or affiliated institutions. Both clinical investigators and basic scientists will be considered.

  • Graduate Studentship grants provide funding for a maximum of two years at $20,000 per year. These awards are intended for scientists-in-training who are working towards obtaining their Masters or Ph.D. in hepatobiliary research.

  • Summer Studentship grants provide funding of $4,000 to undergraduate students to allow them to pursue liver-related research projects under the guidance of leading liver researchers.

To learn more about how to apply for a CLF liver research grant, click here.

"Through its research grants program, the CLF has supported the work of Canada’s leading researchers and scientists. The CLF is proud to have played an indispensable role in several important scientific breakthroughs including the discovery of genes responsible for Wilson’s Disease and hemochromatosis as well as various new treatments for hepatitis C and other forms of liver disease."

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