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Deceased Donation in Canada: Is it time to move to Opt-Out Consent? - Watch the webinar

Watch our recent CNTRP Training Webinar titled "Deceased Donation in Canada: Time to Move to Opt-Out Consent?" presented by Prof Maeghan Toews from the University of Adelaide. Maeghan is a CNTRP Researcher in our Ethics, Economics, Legal, and Social team (Core 1) researching presumed consent in organ donation, family veto, and legal strategies to increase organ donation in Canada. In this webinar, Maeghan covers the following three questions:

  1. What is the difference between opt in and opt out consent?

  2. What are the arguments for and against opt out consent?

  3. Would opt out consent be a good idea in Canada?

To learn more about Opt-Out Consent, please download our new CNTRP Fast Fact that describes the challenges and opportunities with opt-out consent systems for organ donation.

For a list of upcoming CNTRP Training Webinars and to watch other videos, visit our Training Program page.

Bio for Prof Maeghan Toews: Maeghan Toews is a Lecturer at the University of Adelaide Law School. She teaches Tort Law, Medical Law and Ethics, and Evidence and a CNTRP Core 1 Researcher. Her research interests include examining the legal and ethical issues associated with genetics and genomics, organ donation and transplantation, rare diseases, and biomedical research. Prior to joining the University of Adelaide Law School, Maeghan worked as a Research Associate and Sessional Instructor at the Health Law Institute in the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta, where she held the prestigious James Kreppner Fellowship awarded by Canadian Blood Services for her project examining legal strategies to increase organ donation in Canada. Prior to entering academia, Maeghan completed her BA, JD, and LLM degrees, and spent several years in private practice as a commercial litigator.

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