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WATCH THE RECORDING: Optimizing the use of increased infectious risk donors - webinar presentation b

Watch our recording of our recent webinar on Optimizing the use of increased infectious risk donors, with Dr. Atul Humar.

The CST and the CNTRP developed guidelines to optimize use of organs from increased infectious risk deceased donors. Led by Dr. Atul Humar (shown in picture) and several other CNTRP researchers, these guidelines are published in Transplantation and were featured in the Globe and Mail. These guidelines have been developed into a Resource Tool Kit, by the Trillium Gift of Life Network, to help all transplant surgeons and transplant physicians develop an approach to use increased infectious risk donor organs and explain the risks and benefits to their patients. These efforts may lead to expanding the donor pool coupled with decreased wait-list times.

To promote these guidelines and introduce this Tool Kit resource, the CNTRP is organized a webinar for transplant Surgeons, Physicians and Coordinators to develop an approach to using increased risk donor organs.

Learn more about our guidelines and our research on increased infectious risk donors at www.cntrp.ca/increased-risk

CNTRP/CST Published Guidelines:


Globe and Mail story:



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