Professional and Technical Development

As part of the training program of the CNTRP, we will be facilitating the education of health personnel and laboratory based personnel in the best practices of the core facilities. Training will be provided in the technical aspects of the platforms used throughout this grant. Web-based modules for the standardization of operating procedures in biobanking of patient samples will be developed. This will ensure that all samples stored from any of the participating Projects and Aims will be similarly processed, and therefore the retrieval and use of these samples will be less fraught with artifact and will increase the generalizability of findings. Centres will receive training on validation of laboratory testing regimens, and standardization of high throughput genomics/proteomics methods.  


On the clinical side, modules will be developed regarding database input and access, best practices in informed consent for clinical trial participants and patients and families considering organ donation, and bioethics related to transplantation and donation.  Travel funds will be available for allied health personnel and laboratory personnel to attend other centres in the CNTRP to obtain hands-on training in specific procedures or approaches. 

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