The CDTRP provides our research community with a series of resources that can be used as in-kind and cash contributions from the network to help strengthen and support new grant applications. 

Below is a short description of the resources that the network offers to CDTRP related projects that are fully integrated into the structure of the national research network as they submit an application to various national and provincial grant competitions.

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CDTRP infrastructure and research support



The CDTRP Platforms support research projects that align with CDTRP’s One-Transplant-for-Life vision, which is to fulfill every donor opportunity and turn transplant into a cure. A CDTRP supported project must align with one of the 5 research Themes of the CDTRP and should be transdisciplinary and national in scope. The 5 CDTRP Themes are:

  1. Create a culture of donation

  2. Inform universal practices for donation

  3. Engineer and allocate a better graft

  4. Tailor an optimal immune system for each patient

  5. Restore long-term health



Economic, Legal, Ethics and Social analysis to support your study

The CDTRP can provide up to $10,000 as a cash contribution to help cover the cost of an economic, legal, ethics, or social analysis to accompany your main study. This analysis is intended to enhance the scope of your primary study and provide further understanding on the social and economic impact of the research. This funding can be used to support your existing collaborations, or we can help you identify potential collaborators to work with you. The CDTRP will provide this $10K directly to your collaborator to complete this analysis.  



Patient-Researcher Partnerships

The CDTRP can provide up to $500 per application to support the integration of a patient/family partner on your research team. This patient/family partner would be a fully integrated team member that would bring their lived experience and patient expertise to enhance the study.  The CDTRP can also provide full travel and accommodation cost for the partner to attend the CDTRP annual meeting (avg $1000). The patient/family partner would also be part of our Patient-Researcher-Partnership Platform to have access to training and mentorship.  



Trainee Support

Any trainees identified in your application can become part of the CDTRP Academic Training Program, which provides your trainees with access to our national curriculum, training webinars, structured mentorship program, and up to $1000 each to reimburse travel to the CDTRP Annual Meeting.  



Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB)

CDTRP supported clinical studies can request use of the independent Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) that can help monitor progress and adverse events and provide arms length advice on patient safety and trial accrual. The CDTRP can provide access to the DSMB as an in-kind resource to your study.  



Access to Biomarker, Immune Monitoring and Artificial Intelligence expertise 

The CDTRP has developed unique expertise over the past 6 years in biomarker platforms and immune monitoring expertise. We have also developed relationships with experts in machine learning and artificial intelligence.  If you are looking for expertise in any of these areas or would like to know which resources are available across the country, we can help make these connections.  



CDTRP Central Management Team and Communication Resources

You can include the support and resources from any of our central staff to support your CDTRP study and can include a portion of our time as an in-kind resource. You can also have access to the CDTRP teleconference and webinar system, space on our website to promote your study and share information, access to our CDTRP Dropbox, and central communication to all members of the network (all in-kind resources).  



Small Meeting Support and Knowledge Dissemination

The CDTRP can offer to help organize small research meetings as part of the CDTRP annual meeting and can help cover the cost of the meeting space and the AV (in kind).  We can also help promote the results of your study through our monthly Theme calls, on Sosido, on our website and social media platforms, and at our annual meeting (in kind).  



Development and production of FAST FACTS

The CDTRP can work with you to include the production of FAST FACTS ( as a research output for your study. As an in-kind resource, the CDTRP can assemble a collaborative team, create the production design, translate into French or English, and promote to our community.  

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